We at Padakshep feel that the information about schools, colleges and universities should be easily accessible and put in one place for everyone to know. The main target readers are the students from West Bengal in India. Over the years we have realized that many students do not know why, where and what they should study. They often asked us how to get a job in a particular area of study. We felt this is the time we should keep all the information of schools/colleges/universities/job opportunities in one place. This website will hopefully be a step in that direction.

Project West Bengal Education Guide is an initiative from Padakshep to keep all the information related to schools, colleges and universities in West Bengal, India under one roof. This website is only for information purpose and should not be used as an advisory in decision making for career. Padakshep is a nonprofit organization which supports underprivileged students from West Bengal, India.

This website will NOT contain information related to admission to foreign universities. Scholarships for studying abroad are included because those can be afforded by all sections of the society. This website will also NOT contain information about universities outside West Bengal except for those of excellence